LAPD Says $2M Worth Of Jewelry Stolen During Hollywood Hills Home Invasion

This story was a little confusing at first, because the name of the business this guy owns is, “Diamond Supply Co.,” but they do not supply diamonds, rather they are a skateboard hardware company.

HOLLYWOOD ( —  The Los Angeles Police Department says more than $2 million worth of jewelry was stolen from a Hollywood Hills residence during a home invasion robbery early Sunday.

The incident took place in the 1800 block of Sunset Plaza Drive.

Police say five armed men stole the jewelry as well as a pistol and a rifle.

Authorities are not saying if anyone was injured during the home invasion.

KCAL9’s Jeff Nguyen spoke to friends and neighbors of the alleged victim who says he was roughed up.

It’s a story that is Only On 9.

Ted Dhanick and Donna Hui say their Hollywood Hills neighborhood is still buzzing hours after the home invasion robbery.

Friends and neighbors say the house belongs to Nick Tershay who’s also known as Nick Diamond – seen on many YouTube videos as an entrepreneur and fashionista.

He owns a company called Diamond Supply Co. The company runs a storefront in the Fairfax District specializing in skateboarding hardware and a fashion line inspired by hip hop music.

“We heard that someone got beat up, ” said friend Dhanick.

Diamond’s security team told Nguyen their client has a knot on his head after getting roughed up by the invaders.

One neighbor was surprised to find out that another resident kept so much of value in his home.

“Why would you keep $2 million worth of stuff in your house?” said John Devoe, a neighbor.

“He’s always got people staying there,” said Ghanick, “He’s got a lot of friends. So it could’ve been anyone.”

Friends said Diamond moved into the expensive neighborhood — with its expansive views of the LA basin — last year.

There was an open house about six months ago.

“I went in and looked. So many floors and cubicles and a pool and everything, but it looks to me like a party house,” said a man named Randy.

According the the website Zillow, the home is back on the market for $8 million.

Zillow is constantly updating.  I checked Zillow, and the house did not show that it was on the market for $8M.  Their Zestimate® was $7,662,883, but that is not meaningful, and does not translate to “on the market.”  Zillow listing for 1853 Sunset Plaza Drive.  If the author of this article was off on these details, I would imagine there are other details they missed as well.


Ex-fiance’ accused of $2M jewelry theft: ‘I was set up’

The ex-fiancé accused of stealing more than $2 million in jewels from her former boyfriend’s Palm Harbor home insists it’s a setup. This, as Monday, the criminal case against Mary Hunt is moving forward in court.

“The hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my entire life,” says Hunt through tears.

For the first time, Hunt tells 10News WTSP about the bitter battle that could cost her her freedom.

“Please stop you’re being violent!  Please stop you’re being violent,” says Hunt to Scott Mitchell in a video submitted as evidence in the federal lawsuit against Hunt and her parents.

Hunt says it’s the kind of violent outbursts she endured in her relationship with millionaire Mitchell.


He’s seen ripping up her clothes on the driveway, “Please stop doing this Scott,” Hunt says.  “I bought you all these dresses, Mary,” says Mitchell.

She says he would kick her out of his Palm Harbor home that they shared, stop check payments on her bills, and accused her of writing worthless checks.

“He’s given her black eyes, physical abuse,” says Hunt’s attorney, Barry Cohen.

Then, the next minute, records show he’d send her loving texts and give her gifts.

Another video shows Mitchell in a store. “I took two Ambien, decided to go. I had an idea for a little romantic project I’m going to put together for Mary to tell her how much I love her,” Mitchell says in the video submitted as evidence in the federal lawsuit against Hunt and her parents.

“I believe he’s incapable of controlling his emotions, and when he doesn’t get what he wants he will go to any lengths to get it,” Hunt tells 10News.

Hunt says after she called off their Cayman wedding, Mitchell accused her of swiping hundreds of necklaces, gold rings, diamonds and other jewelry from his vault, and mailing it to her parents’ home out of state.  She claims she and her mom sent a package with only some of her personal belongings, computers, and costume jewelry.

“No, I did not take $2 million in jewelry,” Hunt says.

But when investigators arrested her, she claims Mitchell didn’t let up.  “Printing T-shirts of my mugshot and posting them for sale on social media,” says Hunt.

“All of his vindictive, abhorrent, psychopathic behavior is going to come out,” says Hunt’s attorney, Barry Cohen.

Cohen questions in the high-tech home why there’s not video of Hunt making off with the jewels.  He’s fighting the criminal charge against her.

“We have confidence in the case, complete confidence in that case,” says attorney Todd Foster, who is representing Mitchell in the federal suit.  Foster is suing Mary and her parents for triple the jewelry’s value, $6 million.

When asked who Foster believes is the victim in the case he replies, “Scott Mitchell.  If you believe what’s been put forth by them, you need to wait and see our response.”

That response in the federal suit could come as early as Tuesday.

The criminal case will be back in Pinellas Court in August.